Achievements Of Final Draft

As an Experimental Play :
(1) Alpha Gaurav (2005) - Best Actor
(2) Alpha Gaurav (2005) - Best Actress
(3) Alpha Gaurav (2005) - Best Direction
(4) Alpha Gaurav (2005) - Best Play

(5) Zee Gaurav (2007) - Best Script (Nomination).
(6) Ma.Ta. Sanman (2005) - Best Play (Nomination)

As a Commercial Play :
(7) Zee Gaurav (2007) - Best Actress.

(8) Zee Gaurav (2007) - Best Script (Nomination).
(9) Zee Gaurav (2007) - Best Direction(Nomination).

(10) Zee Gaurav (2007) - Best Play (Nomination).

(11) Sanskriti Kaladarpan Award (2007) - Best Actor.
(12) Sanskriti Kaladarpan Award(2007) - Best Actress.
(13) Sanskriti Kaladarpan Award(2007) - Best Play.

(14) Sanskriti Kaladarpan Award(2007) - Best Music (Nomination).
(15) Sanskriti Kaladarpan Award(2007) - Best Director (Nomination).
(16) Sanskriti Kaladarpan Award(2007) - Best Writer (Nomination).

(17) Ma.Ta. Sanman (2007) - Best Writer.
(18) Ma.Ta. Sanman (2007) - Best Actress.
(19) Ma.Ta. Sanman (2007) - Best Play.
(20) Ma.Ta. Sanman (2007) - Best Actor (Nomination).
(21) Ma.Ta. Sanman (2007) - Best Director (Nomination).

(22) State Govt. Award(2007) - Best Writer - 2nd Prize.
(23) State Govt. Award(2007) - Best Director - 2nd Prize.
(24) State Govt. Award(2007) - Best Actress.
(25) State Govt. Award(2007) - Best Play - 2nd Prize.


(26) Gajananrao Sarapotdar Natya Gaurav Award (2006) - Best Script, Acting & Direction

(27) Akhil Bharatiya Marathi Natya Parishad Award (2006) - Best Script

(28) Maharashtra Sahitya Parishad, Pune (2006) - Best Script

(29) Maharashtra State Government Ram Ganesh Gadkari Award (2006) - Best Script


Play Synopsys

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Gone are those days when one could watch only one channel of Doordarshan and a few regional channels as well. This is the revolution era of the entertainment industry and you can find multiple channels, serials being aired throughout the day. This need has given birth to new writers, directors, technicians and actors – and consequently courses and then media schools where such courses get conducted. This is a story of a professor and his student from a television academy – he teaches the script-writing course at this academy.

The protagonist is this girl who is unable to grasp what the professor teaches at the academy and when he realizes that, he invites her home to give her special coaching. The professor triggers off these questions in the girl’s mind – “What are the basics of writing? What is the story structure? What is imagination? What is the exact difference between real life and fiction? Discussions and counter reactions over these issues soon start making a foray into their personal lives.

The girl has come to town from a small village and till date has led a very confused and directionless life. She is an average intelligent girl but is troubled by the thought that life has got nothing better to offer her – she has ambition to become a prolific writer but is unwilling to put in hard work and bring about changes within her to do so. Hence she is unable to complete even a small exercise given by her professor. This continues over the next few sessions but she is unable to improve. Perhaps this is because, she has read the professor’s work ever since she was a child and when she meets him, she realizes he is not what she thought him to be and starts disliking him.

The professor, who has managed to earn some name for him 15 years before, is trying to write a play since the last 3 years. But he is not happy with his work. He is not given due respect at the Academy. On his personal front, he has an incompatible relationship with his wife and has become surely irritable. He is unable to answer some very basic questions asked very innocently by this girl and this hurts his ego. He is perplexed – he feels his personal life and his writings are sometimes poles apart – he is unable to do justice to both.

Both these characters – deeply hurt and scared within – throw important questions of their lives at each other. The main reason of discussing their subject of “scriptwriting” is left aside and they start digging at each other’s personal lives. They hurt each other as if they want to gain their own self-respect by doing so. A likelihood of close proximity developed amongst them, elopes and they part.

But something very positive gets generated out of this – they realize their agonies, blemishes, faults and for the first time, a ray of self-realization dawns in their minds.
A crispy tale which weaves its intricacies amongst the audience and one is left to wonder whether there are more underlying tones to the entire drama than what have been portrayed. As many people, those many thoughts and those many conclusions!